Sunny Sky and Rainbows Preschool

Our Educators

Sunny Sky and Rainbows Child Center takes great pride in presenting our dedicated educators. Our educators are a group of loving, caring individuals that work extremely hard at their careers as early childhood professionals. Most of our educators hold degrees or are working towards one. We place great emphasis on continuing education, building a career ladder and furthering our knowledge about the development of children.

Kathleen Ronan 23 years Director II MEdu and SPED Certificate

Susan Fahey 23 years Lead Teacher-Pre-K Bachelor's Degree   Assistant Director

Kirsten Quartarone 20 years Teacher-Infant/Toddler Bachelor's Degree

Lisa LaRochelle 12 years Lead Teacher-Infant/Toddler Associate's Degree

Stacy Georgopoulos 11 years Lead Teacher-Preschool Associate's Degree

Laura Lavoie 12 years Teacher-Infant/Toddler

Sarah Vallante 9 years Teacher-Preschool

Chrissy Adamczyk  3 years Lead Teacher Preschool

Emily Ray 9 months SACC Program Director

Brieanna Watson 2 years Infant Teacher  

Heather Goldthwait  2 year Teacher Infant

Leah Livingston 1 year Teacher- Preschool 

Amya Ortiz  1 year Toddler Teacher

Kayla LaFerriere 9 months SACC Group Assistant

Hailie Wightman 6 months PS Afternoon Assistant

Alex Watt 6 months Toddler Afternoon Assistant