What's Happening?


The quietest month of the year!

December was such a wonderful month of Gingerbread, Sounds and Smells of the Season, Christmas Around the World and of course Christmas. We hope you had a warm and relaxing holiday.

January is just so calm. 

Please remember that children need snow clothes every day form outside play. Above 35 degrees and we are enjoying the fresh air!

1/1        Closed

1/15      OPEN HOUSE for new enrollment

1/22      YR DANCE-Enrichment Program

1/20      Martin Luther King Day- we are open. DPS closed.

1/24      Progress Reports

1/28      Parent Teacher Conferences

It is through your referrals and word of mouth that our school is such a success. We know that we have an incredible team of teachers, an amazing curriculum and an outstanding environment, but you are the ones that are promoting and talking about us in our community. SO WE THANK YOU!!!