What's Happening?


Can you believe that two months have flown by!!

October was a wonderful month of learning. The classrooms were transformed through art projects, learning centers and activities.

November themes will be All About Me, Families, Thanksgiving and Woodland Animals. The month will end with our Thanksgiving Feast highlighting friendship, caring and diversity.

11/5    DPS closed- sign-up day for Big Kids

11/6    Open House 6:00-7:00PM

11/11  Veteran's Day: you need to sign-up to attend.

           Sign-Up 11/4-11/7.

11/14  YR Dance- enrichment program

11/26  Thanksgiving Feast  11:30

11/27  Half Day for DPS

11/28 and 11/29   Happy Thanksgiving- we are closed

It is through your referrals and word of mouth that our school is such a success. We know that we have an incredible team of teachers, an amazing curriculum and an outstanding environment, but you are the ones that are promoting and talking about us in our community. SO WE THANK YOU!!!