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Sunny Sky and Rainbows Preschool


Philosophy of Education

Our foremost responsibility is to provide a safe, healthy, stimulating and nurturing environment for your child. We are dedicated to showing each child how to develop to his fullest potential. We are here to give the very best care to your child. This is done through cooperation between family and our educators. For a young child, everything is a learning experience. We encourage each child to delve into things that interest him and that make each child aware of the diverse environment around him. We respond to the individual development stages promoting success and mastery of social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills.

Our centers provide an environment in which a child can be a child. Our environments are designed exclusively for the young child. Children need to play and they need to play with other children. Our classrooms provide space for individual play; small group play and even the occasional large group gathering. We do emphasize small group play as it allows children to develop social skills without being overwhelmed with a large group.

We provide a curriculum that incorporates all different learning styles and techniques. Our curriculum is high-quality strength-based, creative and developmental. As the child grows ans develops, our program changes with the child. We have different expectations with each age group. We always try to meet the needs of each individual child.

Children are encouraged to express their interests and show their abilities through play, language and artistic exploration.

Children are encouraged to be curious, to ask questions and more importantly to express their ideas and feelings. 

Children are encouraged to be creative, and to use their imaginations to its fullest potential.

The partnership between educator and family is essential to providing high quality care and education. Our primary goal is building trust between the educators and the families. Our educators are dedicated and motivated individuals. They have a natural love for children that will show in everything that they do for your child.

Your child will always be treated as a special, unique human being!

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