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Tuition Rates

                                                             WEEKLY            DAILY               PART TIME

Infants                                                       $418               $93                       

Toddlers                                                     $374               $84                       


Pre-School                                               $278                $65                        $55

Pre-Kindergarten                                     $271                $65                        $55

School Age (K - 6th grade)                      $232                $59                        $48

School Age/Kindergarten (hourly)          $11 per hour   

This rate is for both before and after school.


Preschool/Pre-K I/Pre-K II Morning Sessions: $52 per morning   8:30-12:30

Part Time is 5 hours and under.


School Age Rates

The charge will be $11 per hour of typical attendance each week. $5.50 will be charged from 1 minute to 30  minutes of care.  A regular week’s payment is due for vacation/holidays if your child does not attend. The weekly/daily rate will be charged for attendance on holidays/vacations. If your child is absent, a typical days's tuition is charged. 


There is a registration fee of $75 due upon enrollment. An annual renewal fee of $60 is charged each year in September.

Tuition must be paid in advance. Tuition can be paid weekly or monthly. $30 late fee for late tuition.

Late Charge of $10 for every 10 minutes after 6:00 PM.

One week of tuition-free vacation per year for children that attend the full year.

Regular payment for sick days, holidays, snow days, State of Emergency Days and Professional Days.

Rates may change and not always be published on this page.

These rates are effective February 1, 2023.

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